Meet our new contributor Ifitz

Starting this week, you’ll see new regular contributions from Ifitz, a writer who is able to bring the topic of superhero fetish into both an intellectual and pervy place all at once. He previously wrote his story of real superhero fetish, but in the coming months he’ll be discussing superhero fetish in the context of media, but in particularly film, one of his specialties. If you’re interested in being a writer for our site, please get in touch with us at Here at How to Kill a Superhero we take superhero fetish and superheroes in bondage very seriously, so we only bring you the best ideas, images and books in the genre. –Editor


Hello everyone, very excited and happy to be part of the team and the community. I just moved to Toronto to pursue a masters in film and sociology (the former being my major passion). I’m 28 and really excited to be seeing this superhero fetish community develop. You can read a lot more in the story I previously wrote, but my fetish also includes wetsuits, athletic gear (spandex obviously) and shoes, mostly athletic shoes. I’m a little shy but online I’m game for chat and e-mails so drop me a line at