The Overfiend Wrestling Singlet is Crushing

The Overfiend (named after the comics mercenary from How to Kill a Superhero) has become one of our most popular wrestling singlets in our store. You will not find this singlet anywhere else. It's made for both competition and for comfort. It's been used in Crossfit meets, powerlifting meets (it's approved for most federations), and it also doubles as great fetish gear for any party of your choice. Here are some reviews:

It fit just right, and the sizing chart was perfect for me. -Jonathan
Wrestling singlets are my favorite spandex outfits and I have bought several from different companies. The singlets that i have gotten from How To Kill A Superhero are some of my favorites. They are very comfortable to wear and the colors are bright and shiny. And I love how unique the selection is. -Sam
It's snug, but comfortable, and I hit a deadlift PR wearing it. - Roger
This singlet made me the envy at my WOD. - Martin

Get your Overfiend now in our store. You can also see it in action below in our How to Kill a Superhero YouTube channel. Shipping is FREE for US customers, and delivery takes 2-3 weeks. BUY NOW

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