Autographed Paperback of HTKS Book 1

Autographed Paperback of HTKS Book 1


This is the book that started it all. How to Kill a Superhero: A Gay Bondage Manual blends the genres of horror, thrillers, romance and erotica, and it's taken readers by storm in the past half decade. Find out how Pablo Greene (whose alter ego is Cesar Torres) entered the imaginations of readers around the world.


You can now get the book autographed and personalized for you. Pricing:

  • The regular paperback

  • Autographed and personalized for you by Pablo Greene. If you need a specific dedication, please add a note at checkout or email us at


Music roars inside Fortress nightclub. Roland dances into the night, hoping to find a brief escape from his professional life at Kansas City’s Arkum Hospital. That night he bumps into Rick, a  jet-setting executive who shares his fetish for superheroes in bondage. Together Roland and Rick travel into a world of masks, rope, and sexual slavery. That is, until monstrous transformations start raging through Roland's body and mind, and their game of superhero fetish takes a very bad turn. Time is running out, and Roland is losing control. The only thing that can help him understand the danger he faces is a rare book that can reveal the mysteries that lie beyond the borders of pain and bondage.  How to Kill a Superhero dares to visit the darkest corners of the superhero genre, where horror, science fiction, and sex converge. This tale takes readers on a ride into the erotic they won’t soon forget.

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