Spandex Version of Roland Cosplay From How to Kill A Superhero

The superhero costume of Roland from my book series How to KIll a Superhero is hard to define. Throughout the epic of the four books, his look changes a lot. At times, he constructs his own uniforms, using the inspiration from the comics Roland loves, and other times, he wills his costume into being, using the powers of The Golden Man. I am proud to show you today my spandex version of the Roland costume from book 4. It includes a black hood, such as the hoods Roland is able to create in the books to cover up his face. This suit print was designed by GunHead Design and made by Zentai Zone. The design of the suit is directly inspired by the costume of Tezcatlipoca, the Aztec god of night and transformation. He was also called the Smoking Mirror. In this version of the suit, Roland has an obsidian mirror in his chest. I will be developing this suit further over time. I hope you enjoy this photo set!