You can now pre-order Book 4 autographed by Pablo Greene

You can now pre-order your own autographed copy of How to Kill a Superhero Book 4 on paperback. This paperback will release on March 26, 2017, and the author will personally autograph it for you.


This is the stunning finale of Pablo Greene's How to Kill a Superhero series. In this final chapter, Roland travels to the heartland of America with three companions, to the place where his superhero transformation began. Will he be able to reverse the monstrous changes that turned him into a muscle beast? Will his heart find love? And will the Crimson Hand, a cosmic monster with a thirst for blood, slaughter Roland once and for all? Find out in the exciting conclusion to the most daring literary adventure that dares to take superheroes deep into a the underworld of sex and fetish.