Looking for Models in NYC for Video Project

How to Kill a Superhero, the site dedicated to all things superhero-fetish related, is looking for models for a brand new video project and rope that will take place this spring in New York City (Manhattan). If you are in the New York tri-state area or will be visiting, please get in touch via email at editor@beaswithinbooks.com or by contacting Pablo Greene at @pablogreene on Twitter.

We are looking for men ages 25-55 with any of the following builds:

*Fitness model or Crossfitter

There is no restriction on ethnicity, height or a certain "look." This means we are open to physiques between 5 and 14 percent BF. No portfolio needed, but be ready to show us a few photos of your physique for consideration. The shoot does not require you to be nude, but you will be expected to go shirtless and be put into compromising situations as a rope bottom (and we hope you fucking love it). The theme is superheroes. We prefer working with guys in the leather and kink community, so if you're on Recon or another fetish site, and you know someone who might be interested, please spread the word and tell your friends.

There is a small stipend for this project, as well as paid meals on the day of the shoot and a free wrestling singlet from the Superhero Shop at howtokillasuperhero.net.