Reader Q&A on How to Kill a Superhero: World Without Daylight

Reader Daniel Wright sent in these question to author Pablo regarding World Without Daylight, book two in the How to Kill a Superhero series.


Q: The Crimson Hand is puzzling me (as any good antagonist does) is he after Roland or the book, or is The Crimson Hand and Roland the two halves of duality - God and the Devil, Incubus and Succubus, Gods of Olympus and the Titans?

A: You have walked right into one of the deepest mysteries of the book, Daniel! If you read carefully the sections of The Golden Man inside World Without Daylight, you will notice that there is the suggestion that the Golden Man (Roland) and the Crimson Hand monster are linked. And I don't want to give too much away about books 3 and 4, but I can tell readers that the link is true. The Crimson Hand follows the Golden Man wherever he goes, and the Hand's thirst for destruction is unstoppable. But can the Crimson Hand be subdued in any way? We'll have to see. I don't think we have seen how savage the creature can be, but that will be coming in book 3.

Her's another tiny hint: The Crimson Hand's presence is tied to red lights, so if you pay attention in the novel to the appearance of the red lights, you'll find many clues about his presence.


Q: Also I noticed that in the blurb of book 1 you describe The Golden Apocalypse as being a Trilogy but in this one it's been extended into a tetralog. Have you had more ideas or are some chapters spinning more side tales thus extending the book a little?

A: My editor and I ran into a problem right when I finished A Gay Bondage Manual: the story was going to culminate in a book full of action, magic and intense bondage that would be even bigger than what we saw in book one. There was also a depth to Roland's character that I felt was important to develop first. Thus, the story will continue into a third and fourth book from Beast Within. I am very excited to be able to tell more of Roland's story. This is the last expansion, which means that Roland's story will only be told in four books. We will announce the publication date of the third book later on this year.


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Daniel Wright's Review

"Does rope excite you?"

Book 2 of Pablo Greene’s “How to Kill a Superhero” series picks up a few months after the end of A Gay Bondage Manual, where we left Roland struggling with a broken heart after he found out his lover and mentor was an FBI agent engaged with the task to capture him for some unknown state project. We catch up with Roland on the run, discovering his powers are still growing and his desires are becoming insatiable, and our story begins again in Australia on the search for shunned scientist in some outpost unbothered by people, which was until Roland turned up.

Strange lights have been spotted in the night skies, are they something to do with “The Golden Man”? or could they be something more sinister? The book which began it all, the book which is the key to Roland’s answers and problems is compromised, how will Roland cope? The answer to these questions and others can be only be found within these pages…