The site is live!

It took some tinkering, but our site is live. This is the official site for How to Kill a Superhero: A Gay Bondage Manual, the new gay erotica novel from Pablo Greene. Here is the synopsis:

How to Kill A Superhero: A Gay Bondage Manual

Music roars inside Fortress nightclub. Roland dances into the night, hoping to find a brief escape from his professional life at Kansas City’s Arkum Hospital. That night he bumps into Rick, a  jet-setting executive who shares his fetish for superheroes in bondage. Together Roland and Rick travel into a world of masks, rope, and sexual slavery. That is, until monstrous transformations start raging through Roland's body and mind, and their game of superhero fetish takes a very bad turn. Time is running out, and Roland is losing control. The only thing that can help him understand the danger he faces is a rare book that can reveal the mysteries that lie beyond the borders of pain and bondage. 

How to Kill a Superhero dares to visit the darkest corners of the superhero genre, where horror, science fiction, and sex converge. This tale takes readers on a ride into the erotic they won’t soon forget.  

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