How to Kill a Superhero is out in print and Kindle!

The wait is over. Pablo Greene's novel How to Kill a Superhero: A Gay Bondage Manual has finally arrived. 

This book is an Amazon exclusive, which means you get a few choices:

  •  You can buy the book in print. When you do so, you are automatically enrolled in Amazon's Matchbook program. This means that if you buy the book in print, you get the e-book for your Kindle for FREE. 
  • You can buy the Kindle version for $4.99. It is lendable and DRM free. 
  • If you are an Amazon Prime Member, you can also borrow the book for free. Check your account for details. 

Please leave us a review in Amazon, Goodreads or on your blogs and on Facebook. If you have questions about the mysteries of the book, please send a tweet to Pablo at @pablogreene. We are building a brand new FAQ for the site to deal with questions about Roland, The Golden Man, and the Gold Apocalypse. We also welcome all sorts of fan art and cosplay using characters from How to Kill a Superhero. Please let us know about it by sending us a link to beastwithin0808 at gmail dot com. 

Now, we hope you enjoy the book! Pablo was interviewed last night on the NoSafeWord podcast about the book and the fetishes found within. Listen to the episode here.