Q&A with Director Kristofer Weston: Bound Jocks, Tights and Wrestling Videos

Today we are excited to bring you a very special Q&A between author Pablo Greene and Kristofer Weston, an accomplished erotic filmmaker who had directed films for both Colt and his own Bound Jocks. Kristofer Weston’s roots in the BDSM community run deep, and you’ll be able to see him in person at IML 2015 in Chicago this May. We also have included several erotic images from his shoots in this piece. Be sure to visit him at The Kristofer Weston blog, Colt, and at Bound Jocks.

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Pablo Greene:  Kristofer, you have a long history in the world of BDSM adult video and entertainment. You got your start at Zeus studios, one of my favorite video makers of all time. Zeus hit its stride at the peak of the video era, before the rise of the Internet and digital distribution. Can you talk about how you became involved with the company, and what that job was like for you?

Kristofer Weston: Well actually I was just a horny teenager who jerked off to bondage porn and Drummer Magazine on a regular basis. I went to college at Arizona State and would drive to Los Angeles on the weekends for fun. I answered an ad in Frontiers Magazine for a wrestling company called BG and started doing wrestling videos for them to earn extra cash for college. The owner introduced me to Mikal Bales (at Zeus Video), who shot me for a session and I soon became a regular model for them. I would have done it for free because I was so horny. The money was just an extra bonus.


PG: For many kinksters, the love for bondage and SM starts early in life. What were your first fantasies like, and how did you eventually make them a reality in your own development as a young man?

KF: I’ve always been aroused by bondage. My favorite show since I was 10 was the Wild Wild West and I would watch it every Saturday just waiting for Robert Conrad to get captured and stripped of his shirt in those skin tight pants! I would fantasize about being tied up just like that and struggle to escape.

PG: Do you recall your first bondage experience? If so, what was that like?


KF: I think it was with a guy who locked me in handcuffs and that made me rock hard. Most of my good bondage experiences happened on camera. though. Those bondage shoots made me seek out the really good players off camera.


PG: You eventually moved on to start your own business and video companies. Tell us about that trajectory.

KF: Well after college I went to Europe for a trip and ended up meeting the owner of RoB Amsterdam. They had just bought Drummer Magazine and wanted to start RoB San Francisco. They hired me to manage the store and one of their biggest sources of income was selling S/M VHS porn. Being a content expert myself, the customers quickly learned to rely on my recommendations on what to buy. Two years later, I started my own S/M company. MASTA Entertainment, and started distributing videos myself. This led to me directing my own movies, which lead to me directing for Falcon Studios, and then later on at COLT Studio Group, where I am now. Five years ago I also started the site Boundjocks.com, which is where I really get to play out my fantasies with gorgeous models!

PG: Can you talk about some of the projects you have worked on for Colt? What do you feel have been some of your favorite achievements in those films and videos?

KF: I love directing for COLT Studio Group. The men are men, big slabs of beef! I’ve been very fortunate to work for such an iconic company and very masculine muscular men,. My favorite projects have been when I can interject some kink into the mix like Muscles in Leather, Uniform Men, Paradise Found, LeatherBound, and Stud Ranch to name a few…

PG: What do you think it is about wrestling and bondage that tends to mix together so well?  

KF:  I think wrestling is a form of bondage where one man pins the other so he can’t move. He just uses his body instead of rope. This is in some ways even more erotic as what is keeping you in place in a muscle and sweat right in your face. What is not to like?

PG:  Here at How to Kill a Superhero we believe superhero fetish and bondage go together like pizza and beer. What's your relationship to superheroes in your own sexual fantasies?

KF: I think my favorite was Spider-Man. I liked seeing that bulge in his blue tights and always wanted to hog tie him with a rope chastity cage around the bulge so his cock was trapped in his tights and then rip his mask off!

PG:  Your current venture, Bound Jocks  features very attractive models in tight bondage with high production values. Tell us how that brand has evolved for you since you launched it.

KF: Bound jocks is really a labor of love for me. We started it using sexy models that we used in our productions that hadn’t been tied up before (but were kind of curious). After the site took off, I started getting lots of requests from models begging me to get tied up. I think the clean white room and brightly colored rope also adds to a fun experience and is less scary for the model. I like to call it “bondage candy”.

PG:  Are there any bondage shoots you won't shoot? Why?

KF: Hmmm, not sure – we definitely wouldn’t shoot anything that was against the models will so I guess that is where the line is drawn…

PG:  Can you talk about your artistic choices for gear and clothing in your shoots?

KF: It matters to us a lot, since superhero and spandex fetish is directly related to clothing. I actually prefer a man trussed up in clothes or gear of some sort over being naked. I like to see the bulge in the crotch, especially spandex, which is why wrestling singlets are so sexy. In our early days, Mr. S Leather actually was very good to us, and they offered to send us the newest styles in jockstraps and gear, which has given Bound Jocks its colorful and sporty look. We also like to feature other high quality gear (such as yours) to help out the fetish community we all share.

PG: You have been able to make a living as a director and business person in adult video. What are the biggest challenges of thriving in this industry?

KF: I think to maintain longevity you really have to put out a premium product people can trust. I know people trust and know the COLT Studio Group brand for over 45 years, but now I think they see that Boundjocks.com is here to stay and will keep giving them high quality scenes, as well.

PG: When potential models approach you to be in Bound Jocks videos, what do you look for?

KF: Face, body, dick, desire…in that order.

PG: Safety during bondage and SM scenes is very important. What are some general tips you can share that help you navigate scenes with your shoots?

KF: Always start with a discussion of limits, find out how far can you go with a person you are tying up. Then don’t keep them tied up too long especially in stress positions. I rarely keep a model tied up over 20-25 minutes. Keep a pair of safety shears nearby in case you have to cut someone out quickly. Make sure the person stretches and hydrates beforehand and keep an eye on blood flow through their limbs.

PG: What superhero would you put in bondage, and what would you do to them?

KF: Spider Man and maybe the Flash – I’m a sucker for red tights. Plus The Flash has an open-faced mask, so I could use his mouth once I had him spread eagled on his back. I’d put electrical pads on his balls and crank up the juice until he complied with my every demand.

PG: Are you yourself a rope top? Do you ever bottom? Tell us more about that.

KF: I am actually a true 50/50 – I get off on both. I get into a very relaxed and horny state when I am bound and I get into a very devious and horny state when I am binding someone else. It’s really a win-win. I’m just not a big fan of passive bottoms. If I go through the work of tying you up, I want to hear you moan and see you squirm – a lot!


PG: What are your thoughts on the rise of digital video and the way in which it has made porn accessible on devices like smartphones and tablets?

KF: I really think mobile devices are the future and the way we will consume porn in the future which is why I’m so excited about our new site. You can now download and view on any device you have seamlessly. I really think COLT studio Group and BoundJocks are ahead of the curve with these new sites!

PG:  What do you consider erotic for you, on a personal level?

KF: Oh I get turned on by almost everything  chains, rope, and leather. As long as someone is restrained and giving up power it’s a turn on for me. I love a good master/slave dynamic – I like dark dungeon scenarios – I like the locker room jock’s first time – and now I am exploring puppy play which is a whole new world for me.

PG: What is next in your directorial life? What projects lie ahead?

KF:  I will keep doing the BoundJocks scenes of course every month and I am starting to plan a big COLT movie to shoot this spring with a Cowboy theme.

Our own Fighter singlet is now featured in Boundjocks' latest shoot with Dallas Steele. To get  15% OFF on any order, use Discount Code BOUNDJOCKS (Good Until 6/30/15).