Classic Superhero Fetish: Eye of the Cyclone’s Dynolad in 'Power Drain'

First let me say how I found Eye of the Cyclone and how it changed my life. It was the spring of 2010, and I was hanging out on the fetish site I had been looking for something new, something fresh, something more suited to me. I was twenty-four years old at the time and suffering from depression. As a result, I was having trouble finding outlets for my fetish. Nothing gave me pleasure, nothing made me happy, and everything was boring.

One day, I saw an ad for a gay superhero comic website called Eye of the Cyclone. I clicked through and landed on it. And it was exactly what I wanted. The previews were perfect and everything I had imagined: hot men in skintight superhero suits ready for action. Villains captured them and put the studs on display,  and then ripped their super suits right off their bodies. On occasion, they would wrestle, pro-style. The wrestling maybe wasn’t interesting to me, but the superheroes were the figures of my dreams.

I had never paid for a site membership before and nervously put in my payment info. That week I had started my summer job, and when I had free time, I spent every hour I could on the site. Back then, my internet connection was dial-up, so it was really slow. It came to me at a rough time in life, and it came to me at the perfect time. All summer long, Eye of the Cyclone was my refuge.

I got to know the characters well. My top five are the original Flex, Supersonic, The Falcon and The Interceptor and the new Power Pecs. Out of my love for superhero fetish and the desire to walk down memory lane, I plan to relive and review some of my favorite past stories from EOTC  by writing about some of my most beloved stories on the site.

Today I want to go back in time to one of the most classic stories on EOTC: The first story I read after getting my membership, featuring Dynolad in Power Drain. Dynolad a superhero born from a freak cycling accident can now harness and contain electric power.

The episode begins with a nude Dynolad, who also goes by the alter ego Rick Adams, regenerating his electrical power within a special chamber. Before he is at full capacity, he is called to duty as the evil Cobra (a favorite villain of mine) begins draining Central City’s power. Most of the action of EOTC takes place in Central City, a hub for supermales. I kinda wanna move there.

The nude hero generates his suit out of thin air and the rest of part one consists of Dynolad dressing himself. This kind of disrobing happens often in EOTC stories. I will never complain about this.

The next six parts involve Dynolad attempting to stop Cobra’s plan both by defeating the machine Cobra has set up to drain the city and by facing Cobra himself. I won’t give spoilers, but will say that we see Dynolad a few more times in other EOTC adventures. For my first outing with EOTC I was quick to learn not to hold onto favorite models or characters too close (especially favorite models), as our good guys tend to see their ends at the conclusion of the story; not always but usually. It brings up an idea that is valued and eroticized in superhero fetish: the defeat of the hero. Much in the same way we love to see a Hollywood star fall or flawed sports hero fail, we like to see good guys stumble. From a narrative standpoint it makes them human, but from a sexual standpoint, I think it makes them more passive and submissive. Someone so strong and powerful is suddenly at the will of others. I could never take on a hero physically or sexually, but at his weakest… Be it bondage or just general loss, even loss of life, to see the hero in failure, is kind of a turn on. Moreover, seeing their once pristine super suits torn to rags and their muscular bodies weakened is the stuff of pure fetish.

One of the reasons I love Dynolad is that he looks like a english professor I had back in university who I had a major crush on at the time. I ran into him outside of class twice and got all flustered talking to him. I was such a shy dork. But he still remembers me, clearly as well, years later. Another thing I like about Dynolad is that he doesn’t wear a mask. I like it when I can see a superhero’s face, at least some of it. That said, many fans have argued that the good guy needs to win, especially since this is a common trope in the superhero genre. We also like underdogs and heroes fighting for the little guys. These men have powers and use them for good– so why should, or how could they fail? In the case of Dynolad (spoiler alert) it is sacrifice that is his downfall; Dynolad uses his power to conduct electricty to overpower the Cobra’s machine, dying in the process… or so we think. This allows for an interesting second chapter.

Seeing Dynolad’s fit body defeated, his suit torn, is a giant turn on. He’s even strapped to the Cobra’s electricity draining machine, which creates a bondage situation as well. Being bound in spandex and then further bound to a machine is one of my biggest fantasies. Having a spandex clad villain doing this to me is erotic as well; spandex men doing bad things to other spandex clad men until one of them is defeated allows for erotica. Finally the fantasy has come true: the spandex heroes and villains of the comics have come to life. Dynolad makes a great introduction to the world of EOTC and will always be a favorite of mine.


Who is this comic for?

  • Fans of spandex and lycra
  • Comic fans
  • Wrestling aficionados
  • Submission fetishists


Duration: Seven chapters make up this story, however length varies. Most are are longer.

  • There are hardly any clips on the site. Most stories are photo comics using models in costume.

Cost: 8.90 UKP/ month or 19.60 UKP/3 months

Final word: Recommended