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I get a ton of questions from my readers about superhero fetish:

"Where do I find parties for superhero fetish?"

"What bars have events featuring spandex, lycra, sports gear and superhero fetish?"

"If I'm visiting NYC, how can I find other people who want to gear up and socialize (or play?)"

Starting today, we'll post regular updates to keep you up to date on how to find events related to superhero fetish in New York. Eventually, we will be expanding to other places, so if you have a tip, send us an email at beastwithin0808 at gmail dot com (use subject "NYC Superheroes Group" .

For September and October we have A LOT happening:

  • An excursion to the official New York Comic Con Villains! party at the McKittrick hotel from 3-5 pm. Our superhero fetish group (join us on Facebook) will be heading out for drinks after the event, too.
  • NY Comic-Con October 9-12 at Javits Center.
  • Author Pablo Greene will be making an official appearance at NYCC, and our Superhero-Fetish group will meet up on October 10 at 3 pm (location TBD) to visit the expo floor, take photos, and meet 'n greet.
  • Official outings during NY Comic Con. Several amazing groups like Gay Geeks of New York and Geeks Out will be hosting badass parties, and our superhero-fetish group will attend.
  • Events throughout October, including two superhero-themed events as we head into Halloween. More details to come.

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