Real Stories of Superhero Fetish: Helpless Hero

We are proud to bring you the latest real story of superhero fetish today by Helpless Hero. This series of essays brings to you the stories of real members of the superhero fetish community.

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My Superhero Fetish: Helpless Hero

My fetish is an intersection of three fetishes – spandex, superheroes and BDSM. My ideal scenario is to play a spandex-clad superhero who gets into trouble. Over the years I have met a few dozen guys who share the same or similar fetish, and there probably are many more.

Like many guys, the roots of my superhero fetish goes back to my childhood. I watched the original Superman TV series in the ‘50s, as well as the Batman shows in the ‘60s. The episodes I remember most are ones where the hero was in distress – Superman weakened by Kryptonite, for example, or Batman tied up. The most memorable time I have ever spent in a movie theater was watching the scene in the original Christopher Reeve “Superman” movie in which Lex Luthor hangs a big chunk of Kryptonite around Superman’s neck and pushes him into a pool. I still love that scene to this day. And Christopher Reeve posing in his Superman costume is, to me, one of the most beautiful men ever.

For most of my life I was either in doubt or denial about my sexuality, and I didn’t make a connection between sexuality and my interest in superheroes. I thought I was alone (not to mention slightly crazy) in my interests. I used to feel allone, because I never heard or read of anyone who felt the same about superhero fetsih, and I assumed I was the only one who felt this way. That reinforced the notion in my mind that I was somehow perverted or unique in my interests.

But in the mid-1990s, I got access to the Internet and its communities. I used to visit various chat forums, Yahoo groups and specialized web sites that no longer exist. It was in those places that I saw pictures and stories of guys who have interests just like me. What a rush that was. I was able to express my interests, understand them better, and learn about guys who felt things remarkably similar to what I was feeling. What’s more, the rise of online commerce sites meant I could purchase what previously I had only dreamed of having – superhero costumes and other spandex gear that were of much higher quality than what I found previously in local costume shops during the run-up to Halloween.


Over time, I acquired a Superman and a Spiderman costume, along with spandex items like singlets, Speedos and full-body spandex suits.  I wore them around home, acting out favorite fantasies, and taking pics of myself in gear that I shared online.

My first in-person experience occurred when I met a guy on-line who was into wrestling and seemed open to my fantasy about being a superhero in trouble. (This was before websites existed that catered to very specific fetishes, like Spandexguys and GearFetish.)

I went to his house, where I put on my Spiderman costume and he wore his wrestling gear. I had no experience in wrestling, but that didn’t stop me. We wrestled all afternoon, and I lost every match, after which he taunted me, called me names and occasionally would unmask the defeated hero. Eventually I was drenched in sweat and had a hard-on that wouldn’t quit. It was awesome, and confirmed every inkling I had about my fetish interests -- that playing a superhero in trouble was something that satisfied a deep (if somewhat unexplainable) desire within me.

After that I had occasional in-person meetings with other guys, but most were not very satisfying from the perspective of my fetishes. Usually they just didn’t share (or even understand) what I was after. This may sound weird, but while my fetishes have a very strong erotic element, I am not into it for sex. I simply get a rush from being in costume and role-playing a superhero in trouble.

Over the years, in addition to costumes of well-known superheroes, I assembled an array of spandex body suits, and for each of them I created a superhero character of my own imagination.  I found websites that specialized in spandex and/or superhero fetishes, and I hired photographers to take pictures of me in costume and gear. I also put together and posted online photo stories depicting my heroes getting into trouble.

Still, my in-person exploits were few and far between. One day, I came up with an idea – what about a dominatrix? I figured dominatrixes are experts in making fantasies involving BDSM and role-play come true.

This proved to be a breakthrough idea. I arranged a session with a woman, explaining that I wanted her to capture and humiliate Superman. I was very upfront in telling her that I was gay and explaining my fetish interests. The experience turned out to be better than I could have imagined. Her role-playing and verbal skills were excellent, the setting was great, and we hit it off immediately. I got exactly what I wanted, and she found she really enjoyed defeating superheroes.


One aspect of the session exceeded my wildest dreams. First, a little background about my dreams:. There’s a dark side to my fetish. I enjoy seeing superheroes not only get into trouble, but also hurt or even killed. It’s just fantasy, after all. They always return to play another episode. As we were role-playing Superman vs. an evil villainess, she continued to press Kryptonite against the hero. She was really into it. And I realized that she wanted to kill Superman. Well, this is what I had hoped for but was afraid to tell anyone for fear of looking too weird or sick. So, Superman met his end – I was ecstatic and she was thrilled, too. After that, we had many others sessions. The characters and scenarios differed, but the format was pretty much the same – a superhero lured into a trap, captured, tied up and tortured. My ultimate fantasy.

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