Real Stories of Superhero Fetish: TFG

Welcome to the second entry in our new series of community blog posts called "Real Stories of Superhero Fetish".  This non-fiction series allows friends of this site to tell people more about how they discovered or explored their fetish. So, for the sake of clarity, you can feel comfortable including spandex, nylon, sports and superhero fetish into the umbrella term superhero fetish, but keep in mind that fetishes are individual and personal. Here at How to Kill a Superhero and Beast Within Books, we don't believe in dogmatic labels. So use this one flexibly if you like, and don't let it bog you down!

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My Superhero Fetish: TFG

When I was a small child, I did enjoy Spider-Man for the normal reasons.  I had some of the comic books.  I would also watch other children's programming, such as Shazam and the Batman TV series, and I would always be intrigued by the kidnap scenes, and watching the good guys struggle while the bad guys cackled.  At the time, I didn't really understand why.

Looking back, I think I realized I liked being tied up before I realized I liked guys.  I grew up with the 60′s Batman TV show (reruns by then), and was fascinated any time Robin had been captured.  He was my first twink, and to see him squirm and struggle was a huge turn on for me at a time in in my life when I didn’t even know what being turned on meant.  I used to pretend I was like him and wrap myself up into a rug, or tie myself up with a long cotton jump-rope, particularly to a wooden play chair in the living room, and wriggle to free myself.  As time went on, my ties became more and more elaborate, and there was one time I almost didn’t get myself undone in time when my parents come home early one day.

I also had a Spider-Man doll/action figure.  I would put my Spider-Man doll through all sorts of contraptions, devices, and various forms of bondage peril.  I loved this doll, as it was a poseable action figure but with a cloth costume. Naturally, as my screen name belies, I spent a lot of time tying up his feet, which could bend at the ankle, and would perfectly fit into some stocks I had made out of Legos.  I also had a length of string which made a perfect rope for him. I mummified him, tied his wrists in front and pulled them over his head, bound his feet, and hogtied him as best I could (which was a bit tricky, even for an action figure). 

My first conscious masturbatory experience was with this doll, and it was quite kinky.  I was alone in the house, tying up my Spidey, and getting quite hard. All of the sudden, I thought it was be cool to tie Spiderman to my dick.  It was hard already, so why not?  I sort of hogtied him around it.  Well, I guess it was just too much for me, because after a few minutes like that, lightly stroking Spidey, I shot ropes of cum all over.  It flew way over my head, and seemed to keep cumming and cumming!  Remember, I had never knowingly cum before (wet dreams aside, and at the time, I didn't even understand that).  I was exhausted, sweaty, and reeling.

On the comedy side of things, my phone rang immediately thereafter. For some reason, I actually answered it, and it was an Army recruiter. He asked if I was busy, and I couldn’t really break it to him that I was standing there naked, covered in cum, with a Spider-man doll tied to my still-hard cock. As you can imagine, most of the call was a blur, and, mercifully, quick. Well, it did make it memorable!

As I grew older and more aware, I began to realize my love of bondage, as well as my own sexuality.  But the superhero stuff mostly faded into the background.  I suppose I saw it more as a means to an end... the best way to get bondage material as a youth was via superheroes.  But once the internet came along, there was no need for that anymore.  I could find bondage online directly.

In terms of superhero fetish, things came back around while shopping at Urban Outfitters (a trendy clothing store).  In their clearance rack, I saw a shirt from a company called Junk Food that was a t-shirt replica of Robin's costume.  I thought it was hilarious and sexy at the same time (also recall this was probably the early 2000s, when superhero attire was not yet a trend like it is now).  On a lark, I bought it.  And on another lark, my boyfriend tied me up in it.  It turned me on way more than being tied up without it.

At about this same time, I was running into occasional bondage pics of Spiderman.  In my search for bondage pics online, they would come up from time to time.  A few were sexy enough for me to save, but again, I thought it was more about the bondage than the hero.  At least, at first.  As time wore on, and more of these pics surfaced, I looked into where these people were getting these costumes. I then discovered lycra on eBay.  A few clicks later, I owned a Spiderman and Robin lycra, which I still have to this day.  When I put them on, I found myself quite turned on.  I didn't really know anything about lycra or bodysuits at the time.  Fortunately, my BF was very supportive of it, and was a bit of a comics geek himself, so he didn't mind tying me up in them at all.  After that... well, let's just say the empire expanded from there, and I've never really looked back since.

The closest I've ever come to in blogging about this was this post here.  But it's a lot of fun to discuss it in more detail, in retrospect.  I can still engage in bondage without the lycra.  And feet are still #1 for me personally.  But superhero fetish definitely has a strong place for me in my ever growing arsenal of kinks.


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