Real Stories of Superhero Fetish: Bearded Batman

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My Superhero Fetish: Bearded Batman

I’ve always wanted to be something more than what I am now. I’ve always been the person to be last picked, made fun of, or that one guy you never really notice before because he was a wallflower. I always wanted to be something great, someone that people could look up to and want to acknowledge, be friends with, and over all just be likable.

I guess that’s where my superhero fetish stems from. I grew up without a masculine role in my life, and as a kid watching TV shows such as the Power Rangers, Batman, Spider-man, and various others, I wanted to be that hero. I wanted to be that guy who either was a skilled fighter or obtained powers from a spider bite or symbiotic suit. I was attracted to anything masculine. Power Rangers Turbo was my favorite, watching Justin, the blue ranger who was just a kid morph into a strong adult ranger gave me hope that one day that could be. If he could be a spandex-clad superhero, why couldn't I?

My first contact with spandex was in middle school. I got some compression shorts for gym. They made me feel good about myself and stronger, like it was the source of my power. This is what heroes wore. This is what I wanted to be. I fantasized about owning this type of gear, of being more than what I was at the time. 

When I finally got my first job, I started buying what I could and being discrete about it. That meant shopping in the men’s section at Wal-mart just being standard spandex athletic clothing. I couldn’t order anything online because of my need to be discrete. But when I finally was on my own, I bought whatever I could when I could afford it. I’m still saving up the funds to order an entire suit. But I’ve got quite a few pieces now. My wrestling singlet is my favorite. I love wearing it and feeling how tightly it hugs my skin, how it radiates masculinity and makes me want to pounce on a man and pin them down into submission.

I long to be clad in spandex and fighting crime, but there are times when I see myself on the villain side as well. Bane is one of my favorites, and when I finally was able to get his luchador mask, the pure empowerment of wearing it overwhelms me sometimes. It makes me feel like I am Bane, and I like it. It’s arousing, intoxicating, and thrilling.

I call myself the Bearded Batman. Mostly because I have a beard, and I love Batman, but you can find me fighting crime or lurking silently on the rooftops of my city, clad in my special suit, ready to take down the next ne’er-do-well who tries to corrupt my town. 

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