Real Stories of Superhero Fetish: Bats

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My Superhero Fetish: Bats



I wasn't alive when the '66 Batman TV series aired but I wouldn't be where I am today without those wonderfully campy episodes. Every Saturday morning in my prepubescent years, I would watch as Batman and Robin took on the criminals of Gotham City. From the beginning I was fascinated by Batman's costume. The skintight suit, the shiny cape and briefs, the leather boots. Everything about it made me think about what it would like to be dressed like him. I wanted to be Batman. I especially wanted to be Batman at the end of those first part episodes where the caped crusaders were caught in some sort of trap. Watching them bound and writhing was my favorite part. The beginning of the second part when they escaped was actually my least favorite funnily enough. I wanted to still see them struggling to escape.

As puberty hit, I noticed my thoughts changing. I had always had a fascination but now I was very aware that my body was responding to see Batman and Robin caught. I'd lay in bed on my stomach while watching the episode. Waiting for that glorious moment for when they would be caught. I'd stare intently before closing my eyes and imagining myself in that costume and in that trap. I'd grind against the bed beneath me, replicating the squirming and struggling until I felt a wonderful wave of pleasure.

As I grew older my Batman obsession continued as well as realizing that I had fetishes. I loved leather boots and gloves, and I loved the skintight costumes. I know for me I wanted the Batman costume but I loved seeing others wearing those specific fetish elements. As I learned what sex was and what I had been doing in my bed, those elements definitely wormed their way into my fantasies. I wasn't just struggling in traps. Catwoman would be watching me and intensely enjoying the sight of Batman caught. The animated series had been airing too and that caught my attention too so now Poison Ivy was in my fantasies too.

Around eighteen, I definitely delved more into the internet life and discovered that I wasn't alone. Growing up, I knew that what I was into was strange and something I could never really admit to anyone. Now there were others and more importantly to me, there were villains who wanted to trap superheroes. I was in my element. I'd spend late nights chatting, writing out imaginary scenarios with evil counterparts who'd want to capture Batman. I also quickly learned that I wasn't just straight, at least in my Bat persona. Walking around day to day I had zero interest. But when I became Batman in my mind, it didn't matter if the villain was male or female, I was attracted. Those nights roleplaying kind of helped me realize where I was and what I wanted. I knew if I was going to be with anyone, they would have to accept this part of my life.

I know this has been tough for so many and I can never get over how lucky I was but I found a wonderful woman. She lived far away but we had so much in common. I was scared of developing a long distance relationship, and fought with my emotions but we both couldn't hold back. But then I knew I would have to admit my secret. I told her one evening and I expected the worst, I thought she would never speak to me again. But she did speak to me again, and she very quickly accepted this part of me. She was the one who suggested I actually get the costume. I had the money saved up but I had never thought about actually getting the costume for myself. You see why I realize how lucky I am to have found her.

We're now married, four years now and she has become my Catwoman. I have my dream costume. The tight grey spandex, the leather gloves and boots. She has the purple spandex with long leather gloves and thigh high boots. All the elements that I loved growing up and we act out those scenarios I used to imagine when I was younger or roleplayed with anonymous strangers across the world. Those fantasies I had when I was younger have become reality and I couldn't be happier. There are still things I've yet to try. I'm still very interested in squaring off with a male villain and maybe one day I'll get that fantasy fulfilled too. All I know is I'm lucky to be where I am now.

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