Building a Superhero Community

We are happy to announce "Superhero Community," a new section of our site where we welcome the stories and creations of all the fans of Pablo's book series. This is also a place to connect with other kinksters, superhero fans, and avid readers.

This section of the site will feature:

  • Fan art
  • Fan fiction set in the How to Kill a Superhero book series
  • Personal stories of superhero fetish
  • Opinion pieces from guest bloggers from the kink community or from book reading groups
  • Sex education resources

We'll be kicking things off with our new series, "Your Superhero Fetish", where an individual will share how they got started with superheroes or gear. This is also a a great space for fan art, so if you're an artist, send us an email at and write "Fan Art" in the subject.

We are excited to bring readers of the series and other friends together. If you have any suggestions on other ways to grow this community, be sure to tell us.