When your kink community begins to grow

The following is a personal essay Pablo Greene, the author of the superhero-fetish series of novels How to Kill a Superhero.

I wanted to take a moment today to talk about being grateful. I am always grateful that I get a chance to write my novels, and I am grateful that they are published and successful. The book series only kicked off one year ago, but it's already expanding into its own universe. But being grateful for that success is not enough.

I have to also be grateful for what is happening around and beyond the novels, and in the kink, rubber, bondage and leather communities, and the ways in which they are welcoming this new layer of kink. Superhero fetish is emerging, and though it may not be as widely known as leather, rubber or shibari, it's there, and people of all genders are finding it. I am grateful for this. And how can I be so sure it's emerging? Well, I am finding clues, here and there. And the clues cannot be ignored. They're real.

Superhero fetish folks are finding each other

It's not my imagination. Every day I see new Tumblr accounts, Recon profiles and even Twitter accounts like that of Superheroes de Sampa (a Brazilian superhero fetish group) that confirm that many people share an erotic love for superheroes -- and villains. There's also people like Tank Teachworth (@puptank on Twitter), who is part of the leather and the superhero fetish community. This is amazing to see. We are starting to really build community around the hashtag #superherofetish. If you want to find each other, use it, and see the magic unfold.

I also get many personal emails and social media messages  asking me: Where do I find more superhero events? Do you know other guys into this stuff? Questions like this tell me people have a need to form community around the old cape and tights.

It's really happening, you guys. I feel glad that there's a rising contingent of us superheroes and villains at events. Speaking of -- who's up for planning some superhero events at cons like IML and MAL? I am reaching out to organizers now, and if you're one of them, and reading this, I would love to hear from you. Send me an email.

Superhero fetish authors are rising

Just this month, I made an amazing discovery. I found another new voice in superhero fetish fiction in the Amazon Store. Todd Fleming showed up in my recommended list (thanks to Amazon's thorough yet creepy suggestions). Looks like he's written a couple of books of his own superhero mythology.  You can find his two books, The Defeat of Paragon Lad, and Fall of the Hammer Book 1 in the Kindle Store. I just downloaded them myself, and I am really looking forward to checking them out this week. Once I finish, I'll post a quick write-up to let you know how the books turned out. And a little disclaimer here: I don't write book reviews on this site. I'll mostly talk about what the book did for me on a kink and fetish level.

As you can see, superhero fetish authors are rising, and it's great to see more entries into the genre. And I have a feeling there are more authors coming. Let's make this happen! The more erotic superhero stories, the better.

Kink Communities Grow and Evolve

I am so proud to say that one of my favorite kinks, superhero fetish, is finding a home in people's hearts, in BDSM communities, in the leather world, and in people's bedrooms. It's not always easy. Some people find the fetish goofy, and maybe a bit ridiculous. But when leather and rubber rose as communities, I bet you that those who shared their love of leather and rubber met with similar reactions.

We press on, and we keep our bonds as community tight.

That is the reason I kicked off NYC Superheroes, and it's why my book series is built around community. You like wearing tight lycra and making out? You're one of my people. You love bondage in a peril scenario from the pages of a comic book? You're in. You love the power exchange of hero and villain? You're one of us.

I think 2015 looks really bright. Book 3 in the series will be coming out, and I will also be releasing a new digital spin-off novel. What's more, I will be attending many community and literary events, and in the process, I'll be finding you, superhero fetishists, and shaking your hand.

By the way, if you're interested in writing your own essay for this section of our site, send us an email at editor@beastwitihinbooks.com and put "Blog" in the subject line. We are wide open and want multiple viewpoints. In the next months we'll also be posting some basic guides on bondage, safety, costuming for superhero roleplay, and more.

Keep your uniforms tight, stay close, and see you in the future.