1-on-1 Superhero Cosplay Consultation

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1-on-1 Superhero Cosplay Consultation

from 125.00

This personal consultation includes services, advice and products to develop a customized cosplay experience for fans of superheroes and superhero costumes.

Note: These packages do not include shipping. Shipping is calculated after the suit is designed. In general, you can expect about $15 for US orders, and $25-35 for international orders.


LEVEL 1: A 2 hour session that includes recommendations on materials, styling, nutrition advice for fat loss or muscle gain, and photography tips

LEVEL 2: A personalized consultation to develop a full custom bodysuit/costume, including shipping of final designs. The final product of this consultation is a custom-sized bodysuit from on of the characters in the HTKS series for you in a high-quality fabric that is suitable for high-level cosplay events.

LEVEL 3: A full custom look for you with an original character that you create. I will sketch, design and make a suit for you. The final product will be your own unique cosplay suit for a character from YOUR imagination.

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