I am Pablo Greene. I wrote the How to Kill a Superhero book series, which has become a cult phenomenon with readers who have always wanted to see superheroes' sexual identities taken very seriously. The series is dark, but also erotic.

I am also a cosplayer. A very enthusiastic cosplayer.

I now have a Patreon account, where you can join my community and support my books and my cosplays directly. It's a more intimate way to interact with me, and you get exclusive content that you will not get on social media from me.

Different subscription levels get you:

  • Collectible Photo Prints of my Pro Cosplays
  • A monthly dropbox of my cosplay selfies
  • Access to my cosplay short films
  • The ad-free versions of the How to Kill a Superhero audiobooks
  • Autographed boxed sets of the How to Kill a Superhero book series
  • The ability to choose my next cosplay for me. For real!
  • Sketches of my cosplay plans
  • Deep discounts on books and merch