Cosplay Like You Never Experienced Before

In case you  missed it in years past, The Superhero Fetish Meetup at IML is one of the largest superhero fetish gatherings in the world. Kinky fans of superheroes, spandex, rubber and many other kinks come together to cosplay, meet each other, and of course, pose for an epic group photo. This is a judgment-free event, and all levels of cosplay are not just encouraged, they are applauded. If you have any questions, you can email me, Pablo Greene at au@howtokillasuperhero.net. I organize the event every year in conjunction with Brian Bolt Donner.

If you want to meet other superhero kinksters weeks before IML, you can also join our Facebook group for the meetup here. Now start getting those superhero and villain looks together!

With love,
–Pablo Greene