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Pablo Greene on Adult Socials radio show Sept 13

Listen to Pablo Green on Adult Socials radio this Tuesday, Sept 13 at 10-11 pm ET. Pablo will be taking to Adult Socials about superhero fetish, BDSM, the How to Kill a Superhero book series, led by host Jack Irona. They will also take questions live on the air, so be sure to listen in and send in your questions!

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A French reader's review of Transformation Fetish by Pablo Greene

The reviews for Transformation Fetish by Pablo Greene are coming in. If you have read the book, be sure to leave us a review on Amazon, it helps us greatly. Today we bring you a review and essay by a French reader. His review speaks for itself. It has been edited for clarity and brevity. You can pick up your copies of How to Kill a Superhero Book 3: Transformation Fetish today in paperback and Kindle.

Letter to Pablo Greene from French reader

Hello Mr. Greene,

I just finished your book Transformation Fetish and wanted to share my feelings about it. First of all, allow me to say that when I don't wear superhero costume, I teach French literature in a high school in France so I might know a little about the subject...

My first contact with the How to Kill a Superhero series was online, where I read the free first chapter of the 1st book. Though it amused me, I didn't really pay much attention to the text at the time...

After stumbling into the free chapter, I saw your pics on Tumblr and the stories about people's superhero fetish on your website. I so recognized myself in them. It was then that reading your full book became a real need...

I always thought your vision for your series was bold, but I didn't see it as literature in a classic way. The first book looked like a recollection of porn scenes linked together by some not so essential plot, the second looked like a pulp fiction, and I expected the third one would be something along those lines...

And then I got my hands on Transformation Fetish. I reconnected with my favorite characters where I left off, and I was eager with pleasure and excitement thinking, "here we go again !" It was like riding my favorite rollercoaster. But this time things were different. You stuck your characters in a place they can't escape from. You are very smart as an author -- you make the reader perfectly understand why the characters can't actually escape even though they can. Roland chooses to be trapped in Starck's house the same way he chooses to be encased in leather bags or ropes in his desperate quest for the book and his freedom.

And now in Book 3 the porn sequences become really essential for the whole plot in a much better way than in the previous books. You're playing very smartly with all the essential rules of the genre. You add a sense of eroticism and very accurate depiction of what means being submissive and dominant in the human mind.

I used to read you as part of my kink life but with this new chapter, I see you very differently as an author whose writing is very personal and whose style can be identified in a few lines. And that is the mark of real great authors, according to me...

This letter is not only a big thank you from a superhero fetishist. It's a congratulating and motivating message to tell you to keep writing following that way from a literature lover (and, in a way with humility, a specialist...)

Thanks again Master Greene,
Siegfried de Duhbe